Dr.Sandip Kalokhe

Dr. Sandip Kalokhe

Founder and Full time consultant as Gastroenterologist at Galaxy Hospital. Dr. Sandip Kalokhe’s mission is to provide high quality, personalized medical care at reasonable prices for his patients.
We believe in compassionate and professional care for our patients and perfection in the art of medicine based on more than a decade of experience, backed up by the latest scientific knowledge and research. We specialize in Gastroenterology & Hepatology, the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the digestive system and liver.



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Leader in GI Healthcare providing world-class facilities with compassion at affordable cost.
Caring, co-operative staff demonstrating excellent Teamwork & tender care.
Core Values:
Cleanliness, commitment, Discipline, Passion, Going the Extra mile.

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Galaxy Hospital have 13 Bed ICU with close invasive Monitoring and Support from specialist equipment and Medication. Our ICU staffed by highly trained Doctors and Critical Care nurses.

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